Day Five, Thursday October 22nd, Week 13

Relief printing with Freya (?).   Freya gave a brief introduction as all the group have had some experience of relief print and we were offered lino cut, main choice and/or mono-print. The relief print room was rather cramped and Freya had to go and find two small tables in order to accommodate us.  Everyone got down to it quickly, I produced the picture of brushes, others were making much finer and more detailed work.

Paint Brush Linocut 2
My first lino cut print in 30 years

Printing is so straightforward, mix ink, roll ink to a velvet finish, roll onto the lino, place on to a sheet of paper in the press then make registration marks, put a sheet of paper over the lino.  Next, lower the frame/screen to hold the work in place, roll the bed under the press, pull the press arm to lower the press. Then push back the arm, roll out the bed and carefully remove the print. Admire, or otherwise.  Place on the drying rack then take another print. Prints seem to take quite a while to dry, in contrast to litho and screen print.

Although I really enjoyed this process I was dependent on my fellow student for the loan of sharp cutting tools – those available were blunt. Perhaps it would be better to ask students to bring their own, not very expensive and available from the shop on site.  Anyway I went later and bought some, and some lino to use at home.

I could have spent more time – in the afternoon – on lino or done some mono-print but decided to work on Illustrator in the Epicentre; this was not a good choice as the Epicentre was largely in use.  So I spent time in the Library.

The last session of the day, the Open Folio session was in a seriously overheated room near the library, so hot we were all red-faced and panting. The three groups meet together for this session and very informative it is. I was left feeling somewhat intimidated by the quality and achievement of my fellow students work, must get my presentation in order!