Day One, Thursday September 24th, Week 9 in UWE terminology

Induction.  Bower Ashton campus is situated next to the Ashton Court Estate,  a large park on the western edge of Bristol.  Always one of the more awkward days, inductions can be bright and exciting, but it hard to pull this off.  Nineteen of us,  mainly women – one man (me) on the part-time course and one man in the full-time group – are really enthusiastic and I am looking forward to working with them.

Bower Ashton1I made a particular note of Open Access Workshops, to be booked via Blackboard, the university’s main IT system for informing students, and the time available for sessions in the Fabrication shops. These need to be paid for, rates seem reasonable at £4 per half-hour including technical support, sessions up to a couple of hours.

We then started the tour, which was informative and helpful. In the afternoon we were shown the Fabrication suites in detail and promises of open access – were made. I was quite surprised and pleased that the technicians were so free with their offers of time, I resolved to test this out.  The Fabrication suite has  several workshops including; metal, wood, ceramics, laser-cutting, resin, and 3d printing.  We are encouraged to get involved with these facilities and sign up to workshops when they are available.