Day 11, Thursday January 7th 2016, week 20

Laser cutting workshop with Zaria and Richard

This was in two parts, firstly creating design and preparing it for the laser cutter, then the practical part of using the cutter.  We drew a simple design then Richard took these and scanned them to our IT space.  While that was happening Zaria showed us the laser cutters and gave a Health & Safety lecture.

Then we worked through the process of turning a raster drawing into a vector drawing, in Adobe Illustrator.  This closely followed the handout available at the Bower Ashton web site.  After lunch we spent some more time in Illustrator looking at how to adjust the drawing.  Each file must be saved to a pen drive (burn to disc, etc.) ready to take to the PC attached to the laser cutter.laser-cutter

Then the practical part, which consists of placing suitable material in the cutter, opening the file on the appropriate PC, sending file to cutter.  There are a few adjustments- checking that the laser is at the correct – 11mm – height above the work, for instance.  My file required further editing but was eventually cut.Laser-Hare

I have spent quite a lot of time in Illustrator over the past few months, preparing files for the RoRo and the Shadow Theatre projects, these are now ready to cut and I expect to do this on Monday Jan 11th.

This workshop was thorough and enjoyable.