Poster presentation session at Bower Ashton

As part of the MA this term we have an essay to write, and a poster to produce and present:

The ‘poster’ will visually and textually represent what you intend to cover in your written submission and will take the form of one PowerPoint slide; the verbal presentation will be 10 minutes and will expand on the topic depicted in your poster. There will then be 5 minutes Q&A.

Research Essay _ this is my choice, there other choice is ‘Research for Practice’.

An essay (illustrations optional) which demonstrates your ability to understand and utilise appropriate conceptual, methodological and analytical materials in the analysis of a subject of your choice. Although the area of study need not explicitly reflect your specific creative practice, a connection between the two is encouraged in order to maximize the usefulness of research undertaken. The essay will demonstrate your ability to research and synthesise material from a range of appropriate sources and to deploy this material in the construction of a clear, purposeful and coherent argument.

I have chosen to look at the T-shirt, more of that later.  My presentation is scheduled for next Thursday.

Yesterday was the first poster presentation session, billed as 4-7 pm, which should have meant 12 presentations.  However the settling down took 15 minutes and as the first speaker finished talking the fire alarm went off.  So when we resumed some twenty minutes later there should perhaps have been some sense of urgency, on the part of the tutors.  That wasn’t forthcoming, tutors and one or two students used the 5 minute question time to give advice rather than ask questions and although the speakers were kept to time for their presentation the question times ran over in every case.

So just six presentations were made. I found them all interesting and all but one seemed well thought out and presentations were good.  Jenny Leigh stood out mainly because of the subject matter – Death Rituals.