Silhouette Cameo stencil cutter

At the beginning of May I was trying to finish a baby quilt for an order but struggling with stencilling the text in the font I wanted.  So, choosing from a myriad of stencil cutters now available I ordered the Silhouette Cameo from the Creative Printers of London.  It arrived the next day and after a few trials I cut the font I wanted.  Since then I have tried several materials and items, but not enough to give a full report.  But here are a few points:

The machine will accept A3 (short edge) any length

Cuts direct from Adobe Illustrator  (a plug-in is required, cost about £15)

Software is excellent, easy to install (on my Mac) and use

Very fine cuts can be made

Cuts a range of materials, including thin leather, fabric, card, balsa

The machine works by moving the cutting head on the x-axis and moving the material to be cut on the y-axis.  Material may be held on a sticky cutting mat but some things will cut without the mat.  A wide range of cutting options are available.

I envisage using this tool to cut figures and scenery for my model theatre, stencils and embellishments for fabric work, paper for a range of projects and leather for masks.  There are many other possibilities.  This machine would be a serious addition to any fabrication and print department; not just a ‘poor man’s laser cutter’.  One of its attractions is that it cuts without leaving a burnt edge.