Lino cut

work-in-progress-for-linocutIn order to try out a lino cut of the image “Tread Lightly…” I wanted to transfer the image to a piece of lino – a square 30cm on each side.  I tried this with yellow carbon but the result was poor, so I reverse printed the image onto A4 water transfer paper – cheap and easily available.  Once this was dry I spray varnished the transfer, wait to dry again,  then thoroughly wet the underlying paper.  The transfer can now be gently slid off the backing paper onto the lino. Some care is needed but as this is a very cheap process a few trials are possible.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

The result is a very thin layer of the image on the lino. offering little or no resistance to the cutting tool. When the cut is finished the water transfer can be easily washed off.

I again used this method to put text – reverse image – onto the the same lino.  I don’t see why this couldn’t be used for other situations where the transfer itself is only a guide and will be cut and washed away.

This method does emphasise that one is using a print, from an inkjet, to make a print.