Silhouette Cameo drag knife cutter

I have spent much of today trying to cut peel-off stickies with the Silhouette Cameo.  There is quite a long process but the end result is nice.  The file to be printed should be in either Illustrator of CorelDraw – or using some of the many images designed for cutters.

My files are in Illustrator but are far too complex, I only need an outline.  The easiest way to get this is to use either the trace function or to hand draw an outline on a new layer, often faster and no messing with artwork.

Once the file is ready it can be printed and also sent as a file – without the full image, just the outlines I made – to the cutter software – a plug-in called Silhouette Connect – where registration marks can be added,  and then to the machine control where there are many parameters to choose from.

Peel-off stickies for helicopter
Peel-off stickies for helicopter

Taking the file from the printer, choosing the correct settings, aligning the cutting mat: there are plenty of pitfalls, registration being the most tricky although the Cameo has automatic registering.  After a frustrating evening I am still not getting accurate registration, the file is cutting at an angle of several degrees from true.

These machines are not cheap, around £300, but they are versatile, cutting thin leather, fabric, vinyl and a wide range of paper. They will accept A3, unlimited length.  They also can be made to draw and engrave.

More when I get it to work correctly.