Summer has gone

July and August drifted away; I managed to work on an artists book, a genre I still don’t really understand, and have almost completed 72 pages. I used a poem for the text, graphics either hand drawn or culled from the web. I used the packaging paper from my new (replacement) printer for the pages. This paper is a dull brown and has a perforated edge. I have written more on the linked page.
The plywood toy helicopter is ready but I am dithering about one minor change; when I decide what to do Stuart at Cut and Burn will cut 50. I have made sticker sheets in three designs, about to make a fourth as ‘Air Ambulance’.  These are drawn in Photoshop, outlined in Illustrator, printed onto peel-off A4 sheets (inkjet) then partially cut through using the Silhouette drag-knife cutter.

This WordPress blog have changed in appearance over the summer – without my (conscious) influence. Something has happened to the menu structure so I need to change things around and get back to the form I want.  It would be nice to have a ‘how it looked’ option; perhaps I could rip the whole site from time to time.  Or save it with another name, perhaps?

The UWE term for my course starts on September 22nd, lots to do before then.  I completed one lino cut and most of a second one before holiday, these should be ready to print when I am back at college.

Nothing done on the watermill laser-cut plywood, all the drawings are in draft form but nothing more.