Professional Practice

The next module for the MA is called Professional Practice.  Since I don’t really have any professional practice I was struggling to get to grips with this.  But I have now decided on a possible structure for this module.

Firstly, following advice from my tutors I am going to work on the Oil theme, in particular I am hoping to get a ‘residency’ with an anti-fracking group, probably here in Bristol.  This might involve photography, film, interviews, posters, drawing, flyers, T-Shirts and so on.  But so far no reply from anyone, a visit is required.

The second part of the module will be working with Duncan Stacy-Marks at his screen print business in Bristol, Shinobi Screen Print.  I interviewed Duncan at Bower Ashton a few days ago.  This is part of my overall T-Shirt project, which is forming the major part of the MA.