Adobe InDesign

Spent quite a few hours using InDesign to layout an illustrated children’s poem, The Compass. The illustrations were drawn on a Surface Pro 4 tablet using Sketchbook (Autodesk software), or Sketchable. Both these apps work reasonably well but neither is fully functional, they are in development and can be frustrating.

InDesign seems to be as developed as it is likely to get but I keep hearing people say they hate using it.  As a long-time Desk Top Publishing (DTP) user I don’t have any particular issues with InDesign although it’s manipulation of graphics is weak (it call up ‘Preview’ on the mac) and it doesn’t seem to be fully integrated with Illustrator, although I assume Adobe would dispute this.  InDesign seems clumsy compared with earlier DTP offerings such as Microsoft Publisher, although more powerful.  Pushing the tool boxes etc. onto my second screen helped to reduce the clutter, a little.