Illustrated Poem

UhU glue and self-healing cutting boards don’t mix; the glue attacks the cutting board surface.

The Compass (part 1) The Far North.  I have been working on this for a few days over the Christmas period; an illustrated book in the Jacob’s Ladder form.  This is to be part of a larger ‘Compass’ set of illustrated children’s poems.  I followed instructions from, “Making Handmade Books, p142 (Golden, A, 2010, Lark Inc.).  This has instructions for the Jacob’s Ladder.  I made a first attempt using cloth ribbon but this proved difficult so at the second attempt I used parcel ribbon, the sort used to make bows on presents.  This is thin and strong, cheap and widely available.  I used Uhu contact glue for the ribbons and paper paste for the boards.

I am now tring the same images but in a different book format, an accordion fold with loose leaves.

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