Lino print and laser cut

Laser first: A successful session laser cutting the two boats, with Louisa. After some trial and error we had a good result and both boats assembled well, one mistake on the roro which I have since corrected.  I have also made some small changes to the mortice/tenon slot joints on the sides of both boats, to reduce the likelihood of breakage during assembly.  I am going to try 3mm perspex and possibly some other materials.  This session took up much of the morning.

After lunch I tried lino printing, ‘A Dog’s Life’, and the result was good, generally.  I was printing onto cheap white cartridge, made several prints before I realised I wasn’t using sufficient ink.  So then made five more, all of which were am improvement on the first five.  When they are all dry I will have a look for possible further cutting, but this would be tiny.

Also started on a new lino cut version of, ‘Tread Lightly…’, which I think will work better than the previous two.