Fabric designs

After lots of sketching both with pencil and on the Surface Pro (Graphiter app) tablet I was finally satisfied with several of the results. Having then got them into Photoshop I first sized each of the chosen images so that they were of similar scale.  Then I cut from each of them a series of 65mm squares and placed these in a number of grids.  After a bit of quite basic manipulation with filters (Distort), reflect and rotate I had a set of 4 x 4 monochrome squares. These two are the patterns   I liked most and which I will be screen printing soon, onto  5 m of cloth, to be made up into baggies.

The same process was followed for the second fabric, with even less manipulation in Photoshop.

Then both patterns were opened in Illustrator and traced, repeats made and the images saved.





Although these images are simple it has taken quite a lot of drawing and thought, as well as trial and error, to get to this stage.  I have made lino cuts to see the ‘printability’ of the images, simple stencils, ink drawings and numerous tablet sketches.

I feel that these are possibly the first ‘drawn for print’ designs I have made.