Drag knife cutter

I spent some of today playing with my Cameo drag knife cutter, I am beginning to understand it better.  The ‘Alice’ image

A laminated cut out

here is a silhouette from the web, originally A4 I reduced and traced it in Illustrator, then added Cameo registration marks, printed out the image onto a glossy reflective card.  The image is sent from Illustrator to the Cameo software and hence to the cutter.  It took about 10 minutes to cut this A5 image, and about 15 more to peel it very carefully from the Cameo cutting mat, which is sticky.

I then placed the result onto a soft sheen pink card and laminated the whole thing.  It might have been better to spray glue the back of the cut image and stick it to the pink card.  But the result is good, I think, and my grand daughter agrees.