Design Registration for the Toy Boats

Just completed the design registration process  and I have to say it is a very simple and easy process.  The designers of this web site have really got it right.  The first design – the toy trawler – cost £50 but the second one – the roro ferry– registered at the same time was just £20 more; in fact one can register up to 10 more designs or patterns for that cost.  I now need to wait for the confirmation of the registration, this didn’t take long last time.

Toy Trawler, 18cm x 10cm x 10cm, demountable, with moving parts

How much protection this provides is debatable but at least I have some proof that the designs are mine.

My plan to have an animation of the assembly process for each of the toys has fallen through, for the time being.  I had arranged with an animation student at UWE to do this but she realised that she did not have the time to do the work I wanted, so I need to find another animator.  I don’t think it is a good idea to try this myself as the discipline is hard to master and I want a professional work, rather than a youtube,  “Hi there..”

I also have a possible large batch (50 off) producer, Cut by Beam just waiting to hear from them with a price.