Fabric printing

Thursday, so to Bower Ashton, hopefully to do some screen printing on the fabric I dyed light silver recently.  But no chance, once again there was no space available in the fabric printing rooms, undergrads occupying all.

To Bekky at Digital Print to get 3m of the ‘file line’ design printed onto bamboo silk; in the event she was waiting for an order to arrive, so I opted for satin instead, which is a little more expensive at £34 per metre.  Bex was able to take on the work there and then.

Digital printing fine line design onto satin

I had a wobbly moment when the .jpeg file Bex opened had some of the image missing, but I quickly traced the issue to having saved as a greyscale and some of the image – it is black and white – not being a true black.  So a few moments in Photoshop put things right.

The fabric came out well, I thought and Bex said that it attracted two compliments immediately, which was cheering.  As the digital printer prints with dye (rather than ink) the result needs to be steamed to fix the dye, so I am waiting till next week for the finished fabric.  This will be made up into at least one dress, or possibly a kimono if there is sufficient fabric.  I will not be rushing this as the 3m cost over £100.