Laser cutting

At Bower Ashton yesterday; spent almost two hours in Fabrication laser cutting.  This was to make perspex versions of the three press-out toys (helicopter, trawler and ferry) to be used as bedside lamps and/or decorative lamps.

The assembly has been interesting, especially the helicopter.

  1. One pressing out the pieces there were several breaks, leaving sharp edges and points; I had several tiny cuts on my fingers.
  2. Press-out was far too hard, even without the breaks.
    Perspex helicopter, broken
  3. All ‘bridges’, used – as with stencils –  to hold the pieces in place on the perspex sheet, would need to be eliminated, they are the main problem preventing press-out.
  4. More breaking during assembly, leaving razor    sharp points and edges.
  5. A large amount of waste material, acrylic and therefore Group 7 plastic, cannot be recycled.

The inevitable conclusion: this is not a viable project and should be abandoned, unless I can find a translucent sheet material that is not brittle and does not break and can be recycled.

laser cut perspex toys