Laser cut plywood

August 12th.  After struggling with the idea of ‘bridges’ to hold the various pieces in place on the cut plywood sheets for each toy I have decided to abandon them altogether.  The bridges are very small, about 1mm and are engraved rather that cut, at 2mm depth in the 3mm plywood.  This holds the pieces in place but when they are pressed out there are often small splinters of ply.  This is not good in a toy.

So I am now going to eliminate all bridges and instead use paper transfer paper, as used in the sign making industry to transfer cut vinyl lettering etc.  This is very cheap adhesive paper on a roll, many widths available; I will use 150mm (>A5) as I generally aim to cut A5 sheets so as to have easy and consistent packaging.

When cutting is complete the plywood is left on the cutter bed and the paper tape applied and pressed or rolled down firmly.

The integrity of the piece is maintained, separation of pieces is easy, no splinters, no engraving needed.