MA Multi-Disciplinary Print Making

Updated 07.02.16

Under this heading I have grouped most of the things to do with the printmaking course.  As I get more familiar with WordPress the layout is likely to change, but for now the posts are in Critical Journal, and there is a Portfolio page in which completed work is displayed.  ( has it’s own definitions of a Portfolio and Projects and template pages for them, in the Sketches theme).

My bibliography is also here.

This is a brief run through my interests and influences, in relation to the start of the printmaking course.  Although in the past I have made many prints over a long period of time I no longer have copies of any of this work.  Most of my printing was mono-colour screen print: pamphlets, tee-shirts and posters.  Occasionally I produced multi-colour prints, either for posters or, rarely for tee-shirts,  giclee prints – often for fabric transfer printing, sometime directly to fabric.

I am primarily interested in content – that is to say the subject matter of the print or artwork.  For me the process, medium, technique are subordinate to the content, the message, story or view, however much I enjoy making a mark.

But these things, the art of printmaking, are what informs the maker and the viewer.  Mastery of the process, the medium and the technique – this is what I want to achieve in order to communicate my thoughts in the most direct, immediate and efficient way.  I would like to be able to visualise, compose and construct printed images using a much greater variety of techniques and media that I can begin to command at present.  I want to be able to visualise the picture and reach for the right tools straight away, with confidence and without too much fear of dead ends.

The process of printmaking may be transparent, not the concern of the viewer at all.  Or it may be almost the opposite, the apparent obviousness of a woodcut for instance, carrying the message of ‘handmade’.  This is not, for me of any great importance, especially at a time when such images can be and are frequently manufactured using computers.  Choosing the right style and medium for the subject is more important.

The poster and the wearable poster – the tee-shirt – are of great interest.  The impact, boldness and immediacy of these things, their edginess, their resistance to the dead hand of corporatism (see the sad tee-shirt racks of supermarkets, for instance), their ability to carry both subtle and challenging messages, their acceptance of the impermanence and transience of art (and also of the possibility of recycling of the base material), are some of the aspects of print I find most interesting.

The ability to produce work in response to events (and in a sustainable way in the environmental sense), on comparatively simple equipment is one of my concerns.  But I also want to investigate natural subjects, textures in a broad sense, the city and urbanity, and to look at some of these things in depth and over time.  This is an area in which I might explore print and stitch on textiles, including the production of clothing from plain fabric to finished garment through to it’s ‘end of life’.

Quite a lot of my work has been with textiles and I am continuing to make quilts, dolls, felt and other things, see Bits and Bobs.