Bibliography 2, library and other books for MADAP



Lambert, J-C


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Practice as research : approaches to creative arts enquiry

Lambert, Susan

Prints art and techniques

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Moving targets 2 : a user’s guide to British art now

Collings Matthew

Art crazy nation the post-blimey! art world Matthew Collings

Nairne Sandy

Art now interviews with modern artists

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300% cotton : more t-shirt graphics

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The history of British art: 1870-Now

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The fiberarts book of wearable art

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Untamed encounters : contemporary jewelry from extraordinary gemstones

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Ripped: t-shirts from the underground

Niewe Kerk

Cobra 40 years after

Crow, David, 1962-

Visible signs : an introduction to semiotics in the visual arts

Davies, Gill, 1946-


Sassoon Rosemary.

Signs, symbols and icons pre-history to the computer age

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High art lite : British art in the 1990s

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Concepts of modern art from Fauvism to postmodernism

Brunel Charlotte

The T-shirt book Charlotte Brunel

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Primitivism in modern art


Paper cutting : contemporary artists/timeless craft

Maki (Artists’ group)

Tees : the art of the T-shirt

Shield Peter

Cobra Copenhagen; Brussels; Amsterdam

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The art of the band t-shirt

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Hand puppets

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Chinese papercuts

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Dark matter : art and politics in the age of enterprise culture

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Printmaking at the edge

Noyce, Richard.

Critical mass : printmaking beyond the edge : dedicated to Professor Witold Skulicz, president of the International Print Triennial Society, Krakow, 1926-2009

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What is a print? : selections from The Museum of Modern Art

Constantine Mildred

Whole cloth Mildred Constantine Laurel Reuter

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Playing with pop-ups : the art of dimensional, moving paper designs

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Dries van Noten shape, print and fabric Andrew Tucker

Missoni, Luca,

Missoni, art, colour

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The sweetly diabolic art of Jim Flora

Nakamichi, Tomoko,

Pattern magic 3

Nakamichi, Tomoko.

Pattern magic 2

Nakamichi, Tomoko.

Pattern magic

Broackes, Victoria,

You say you want a revolution? : records and rebels 1966-1970

Handmade packaging graphics

Bird, Jon,

Leon Golub – powerplay : the political portraits

Serrats, Marta,

500 greetings : invitations, greeting cards, postcards and self-promotional material

Kettley, Sarah,

Designing with smart textiles

Odling-Smee Anne

The new handmade graphics beyond digital design Anne Odling-Smee