BOZAR, Brussels

December 2015.  BOZAR is the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, which hosts a wide variety of music, theatre and exhibitions.  I visited in December 2015 and saw the Europalia International Arts Festival exhibition of Turkish treasures and of Istanbul.  This included film clips and, “compelling literary and musical interventions”.  The museum had an interesting collection of text books on display regarding photography of the 19th C.  In the run up to Christmas the museum was concerned with end of term activities for children and with choral events.

No visit to Brussels is complete without beer, sorry, a trip to the Atonium but I cannot recommend the nearby and recently opened design museum, which when I was there consisted of a variety of plastic consumer goods from the last 50 years, with little or no explanation or context.  No doubt this will be improved in time but for now, don’t bother.