Mary Poppins at Bristol Hippodrome

November 2015.   To the Hippodrome with my granddaughter to see Mary Poppins.  This show has been around for nearly 10 years and has toured the world, to widespread acclaim.  Mary-PoppinsI’m not sure I can add anything, we enjoyed the show enormously and even managed to have a seat where I could stretch my legs, a rare thing in the Bristol Hippodrome where the seating is notoriously  cramped.  This is a wonderful show, it premièred in Bristol at this same theatre ten years ago, to rave reviews.  Full of charm, tremendous dancing, great songs and an exuberant cast.

NB. I now have my model theatre drawn and ready to laser-cut; the show did make me consider again the use of theatrical effects and how important they are. So I have looked once again at the drawings to ensure that basic effects will be possible, and that there is the option of adapting the theatre to use more effects without  complete re-design.