Single colour line design fabric

May 4th. Now ready to make garments from both the ‘fine line’ (3m x 1.3m), and the ‘thick line’ design.

The gallery above shows the ‘thick line’ fabric which I screen printed yesterday at Bower Ashton.  This is the second lot of fabric with this design but this piece also has the silver dye and batik crackle underlying the print.  I made the ink translucent, which meant using just a couple of drops of colour to 1/2 ltr of medium.  The result wasn’t perfect but is good enough for a dress, I think.  I have learnt lots from this process.

April 30th. I have made quite a few posts about the work on the ‘Line’ designs so won’t duplicate that here, just say that I have had some success and some disappointments but overall I feel I am making progress and gaining knowledge.

Work in progress

Looking forward to collecting my digitally printed fabric on May 2nd from Bower Ashton and then making this up into a dress, initially.  I am also hoping to screen print onto fabric I have prepared at home (see Posts).

I have drawn on several technical books including but not exclusively Digital Textile Design, Bowels and Isacc (2012) – especially for building designs in Illustrator ; Textiles Now, Cole (2008); Fabric Printing, Kennedy and Varrall (1994); Hybrid Prints, Fishpool (2009).  I have taken some inspiration from Prints, Art and Techniques, Lambert (2001); The Edge of the Land, Goodwin (1995) – many b/w landscapes; and many other sources.


April 20th.  Continuing to work on the Masks fabric design, trying to think in terms of print rather than ‘attractive’.  I am gradually reducing these six colour images to b/w, but finding it quite a challenge.

April 11th.  Lots of time in Photoshop exploring the possible digital print design as well as screen print. Here is one of those explorations, the repeat of this line and ‘shibori’ (actually marbled) design with a 275mm square repeat.  This is intended for a dress but might also make baggies.

April 7th.  Screen printing yesterday with the thick line design, see posts.

Fine line pattern with 275mm repeat

April 1st.  Now trying out various ‘shibori’ backgrounds, marble texture seems the most hopeful, i.e. the closest to what is in my mind.  Not necessarily the easiest to achieve by dyeing, but I will only need a very basic monochrome effect.

design detail, work in progress

March 12th.  Still sketching, trying not to look at too many fabric prints.

March 5th. Working on a  b/w fabric design with the aim of making at least 5m by screen print, onto a medium cotton.  This will be made up into baggies using the Gelert Mountain Climber pattern, and if there is enough into a dress also.

Gelert Mountain Climber baggies

Gelert long ago sold patterned baggies for mountain climbers and hikers – I have a pair – and they are most comfortable, with zip pockets and tie-ups for the lower legs.  But now they only stock boring black run-of-the-mill stuff.  So I have taken a sewing pattern from the old trousers and just need some fabric…

This is a good excuse to get to grips with screen print using a large screen, although the designs I am thinking of should have a repeat of not more than 50cm each direction, perhaps only A3 or less.  But of course it is quicker to make up and print from a large screen.