Professional Practice Report


These were my aims at the start of the year (rather than the semester), NB. All these project may overlap in some way. Projects on my blog not mentioned here are not abandoned but on hold or low priority at the present time.

The main aim of my Professional Practice this year project is to deepen, improve and develop my knowledge and understanding of printing onto fabric, with particular attention to:

  1. Placement: the practicalities of commercial screen print onto t-shirts and similar garments. This will include a placement with screen print company, Shinobi, based in Bristol.
  2. Fabric design and print my designs onto lengths of fabric
  • by screen print
  • by digital print
  • block print designs (not done)
  • masks, several designs around a theme, re-working older sketches etc.
  • single colour line drawings fabric designs
  1. Interviews with several fabric workers: after many emails I am still waiting to interview Emma Hague at Bristol Fabric Quarter, hopefully this will take place this week May 8th).
  2. Collaboration with Marius Grose, photographer, with the aim of designing and producing fabric. This has been slow to get underway as Marius is currently very busy with his main job, as a video editor. My blog does not yet have a specific page but it will eventually appear under Fabric Design and Print.

Secondary aims.

As I have a number of projects on-going I have included these as follows:

  1. Plywood Toys The completion of the project, including design registration with teh Intellectual Property Office for two boats (this project will be continued in several directions but as a low priority).
  2. Ghosts and Maps The production of an artists’ book using a variety of print and construction techniques – very much work in progress.
  3. T-shirts The continuing occasional production and wearing of ‘one-off’ t-shirts
  4. Tourism – producing items reflecting tourism and culture – mainly or solely in fabric, this is a new project and I have only completed one item so far, a t-shirt.
  5. Media and print: Continue to explore print in different media, as time allows, linked to the ‘Bits and Bobs’ page, some items added here.
  6. Illustrated poems and songs I have not added to this since the beginning of the year but expect to do so during the summer.