Shinobi Screen Print

April 26th.  No further progress, for the same reason as below. Disappointing, but hopefully I can have time with Duncan later in the year.

April 12th.  On hold because Duncan, the Shinobi proprietor, is working at his day job and cannot find time to do much printing.  Hopefully it will get going again soon.

March 12th.  At home doing more research into potential customers; one actual customer was unable to make up their minds about colour and as a result we couldn’t do any printing.

March 7th.  Researching into other screen printers in the area, and potential customers. Also did some painting of walls.

March 6th. First day of my screen print experience placement with Shinobi, I had a long look at the six-screen carousel and some of the other equipment.  Duncan is very free with his extensive knowledge.  I spent most of the morning clearing the air holes in a second-hand screen vacuum bed.

January 2017.  I have agreed with Duncan to have a placement with him starting in March.  This should be for at least 10 days and will include some printing.

October 13th, 2016.  Interview with Duncan Stacy-Marks.  This fairly brief interview was part of my MA Developing Practice Module and Professional Practice module.  Duncan runs Shinobi Screen Print based in Bedminster, south Bristol.  This company produces high quality hand screen printed T-Shirts as well as other items to order.  They can undertake water-based discharge printing on large (A1/A2) frames, using 6 colour printing carousels.  I asked Duncan about collaboration with other printers – a recurring theme on the MA course – which he said was difficult if not impossible, due to the fact that, “knowledge is king”, as he put it.  The ability to produce high quality T-Shirts in volume depends on detailed process knowledge, knowledge that printers carefully guard, he says, even amongst printer friends.

As part of the module I am hoping to have a placement with Shinobi, Duncan agreed that this would be possible.