Ghosts and Maps

April 30th. I haven’t done a great deal with this project so far, still assembling images and re-working the initial poem.  Below are some of my family pictures of the middle of the last century, there aren’t many more from this period.

January 27th 2017.  Initially this will be an artists’ book project, incorporating maps and images from my personal life, especially my childhood in the 1950s.  So some nostalgia from the outset, but hopefully not too much sentimentality.   I may also make somewhat less personal fabric prints and a t-shirt design, using the format of maps, photographs, drawings and so on.

Wednesfield, mid 20th C
Wednesfield, mid 20th C

I found a terrific source of old maps

a really good resource, and have downloaded several by the dubious means of screen grabbing. This method means some work has to be done re-assembling the maps from a number of screen shots; the alternative is to buy the maps as a download.  As I am only ever going to use tiny portions of the maps I feel reasonably comfortable using screen grabs.


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