Mother and Child in the 21st Century

Women-at Dale Farm
Dale Farm women 2014

January 30th 2017.  Finally made a decision regarding this project; I will make it in the form of a quilt, monochrome or nearly so, with mono-printed images.  To be about 1m x 1m with the main images in a grid, and the smaller images on the grid intersections.  So still collecting images, drawing, preparing, but slowly… and finding it quite hard to get the images I want.

December 2016.  Still making only slow progress with this project, mainly because of spending time perfecting the RoRo ferry toy, writing poems, drawing illustrations for said poems and reading.  I am thinking of producing a set of cards/postcards (artists’ book?) as part of this project…

October 2016.  Having done nothing on this subject for a year, other than to think about it, I am starting to draw a number of images to screen print on fabric.  Also looking at the way in which lives have been changes by the car, for better and worse.  This is to make a link to my ‘Oil’ poem and artists book.

Starting from an abiding interest in textiles and the fact that we are all intimately connected with fabric, literally wrapped from birth.  Using personal, found and drawn images to look at the way the mother and child image is presented now.   Using a range of print techniques to produce images and objects depicting mothers and children.





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